Wednesday, January 12, 2005

At work again, and nothing to DO!!

Sometimes, I am so bored at work that I feel like hitting my head on the desk! I have been here for an hour and a half, and I cannot think of one single thing that needs to be done. Alright, the boss just phoned, and told me to start working on a budget for this year. Wow, that sounds like fun. I really want to start on that. (Can you feel the sarcasm dripping from the screen?) I guess it would be a bit different if he wasn't phoning from his cell whilst skiing on the mountain.
Anyway, I did find a really interesting knitting blog called woolie momma. I had a lot of fun reading it, she has a very interesting way of voiceing her opinion. Made my morning just skimming it. I found when I did a search for "knitting colordao blog," but I cannot see where she says she is from Colorado. Oh well, I suppose the search for fellow knitter that lives near me continues.


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