Thursday, January 20, 2005


I thought that I really liked my new job, but it turns out that it is the lonliest job I have ever had in my life. There is no one to talk to, because I am the only one in this office. I really miss having girlfriends that I could talk to. It seems that since I moved here I really haven't been able to meet anyone. First I was pregnant which made it difficult to really connect (go out) with people. They all thought that a pregnant woman should stay home with here feet up. Now, I have a son and I cannot go out to alot of the places that people like to go. Or, they don't think that I should take him to the restaurant with us. I just wish that I had a friend.

On the knitting scape - all seems to be going well on the scarf I am knitting. It is from Scarf Style, The Misty Garden one. I have to say that I chose it for my first project because the directions were not that complicated to follow. Although, there are so many things that I see in magazines and books that I would love to knit... I really want to try knitting that felted bag Sophie that I see all over blog land.

More later tonight... Maybe, depends if I am feeling any better.


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