Friday, February 11, 2005

There is this sweater that I have fallen in love ( )
with, (and I would love to knit it, but I am scared! I don't know if I have the skill to make it look like the picture. Also, before I can make it I need to make a scarf for Russ, something for Ronin, scarf for Ronin's Grammie (actually I just need to finish this one) and I really wanto to make the Sophie bag... Who knows when all that will get done because we just got a puppy last night!!!
Yeah, just thought I would throw that in. I have been begging Russ to agree to a dog since last year, and last night we just went and got one! He is cream colored mixed breed puppy with pale orange ears! He is the cutest thing! We named him Issac, and he loves to lick Ronin in the face (Ronin hates it, and it makes his face really red).


Blogger secret pal said...

You know what you should do is finsih all the scarves and then do sophie. After all that, you THEN should do the sweater. I think the more you do, the more your confidence will increase. I like that one too, but I think it would look odd on my body type.

I'm so glad you got a puppy. We've got a cat. There's a knitting ring called Purling Puppies - or something like that. It's for knitters with dogs - you should try and check it out.

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