Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Bad BAD blogger returns

Well, after getting back from vacation DH and I decided to make it official - we got married! I know in my post it says we are already married, but that is just how we consider ourselves. Have for the longest time. We did it for real on St. Patrick's Day. Both being Irish we thought this was just too great! So, my last name is now changed, and I love it!
On the knitting news, a couple of days after that, (when things had slowed down a bit and we got to unpack) I had a knitting get together! Really it was just one other girl and me, and we didn't even get to knit - we just got to know each other. It was a lot of fun, and I am going to see if she wants to get together and KIP for real this time!
I started the Booga Bag last night, and am done with the bottom... Am having a bit a pickle with picking up the stitches to begin knitting in the round... Don't know which ones to pick up exactly! Anyway, I was hoping to take it to the LYS today on lunch, but I left it at home. So, know that is out.... Maybe J. the KIP chic will come over and knit tonight, and she can explain it to me and we can knit together. It was her idea to start a felted bag... I just hope that she isn't upset I didn't start the one she picked... (she is already done with hers, and I just started mine last night). Oh, well... not everything goes the way we would like it to when our time is not our own (ie. when you have a child who is almost a year old, almost walking all the way, and always getting into everything that is not in his toy box!)
Post more later... I actually have pictures... If there is anyway that I can figure out how to post them you will see some scarves, felted shoes that were for Ronin, and the start on the Booga Bag... Will let you know...
Bye-bye from the BAD BAD Blogger!!!


Blogger secret pal said...

well congratulations!! I was wondering where you were. So, what is your new last name now? I have a package I'll send out on Monday - woo-hoo!

2:36 PM  

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