Saturday, April 30, 2005

So many changes

Do you realize that your life can change dramaticallyin only two weeks? I am just going to list the changes because I don't think I want to think about all this too much when it is such a lovely day outside.
1. My DH quit his job two Saturdays ago.
2. That monday I was laid off from my job.
3. Have spent the last two weeks sending out resumes, and having interviews.
4. Got hired as an office manager at a plant nursery making the same amount that I was at my last job.
5. Finished the Booga Bag, and yes I do have pictures... Just don't know how to post them.
6. My son turned one on the 27th - he had a wonderful day.
7. I got a lovely suprise last night when I checked my email (which I hadn't done in a week - depression). My secret pal sent me a 25.00 gift certificate for Knit Pixie...
8. I immediately ordered the yarn that I wanted to make my Clapotis with.
9. I have the best Secret Pal
More later....

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hating I-cord

I really and truly hate doing i-cord.... This is the first time that I have done it, and I think that I have never dislike doing something more! I don't even know why I hate it so much. It just feels wrong, and I cannot think of another way to do the handle for the booga bag. I am stick doing this for another 5 feet or so. Arrgghhh. I just wanted to be done and felt the bag already. I suppose I don't like the i-cord because I thought it would go much faster than it is. Oh, well... It will get done, and then I am planning on doing the clapotis... and casting on for Christmas presents.
I know it is only April, but hey, I am a terribly slow knitter. If I truly intend to knit something for all the people that I want to I better start now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Infamous Booga Bag & more...

So, I finished the bag part of the bag just a couple of days after I posted the last one stating that I was in a pickle... Had some help figuring out how to pick up the stitches, and then it zipped right off the needles. Today I am picking up some DPN to get the handle done... Very excited to felt it - Maybe tomorrow? Maybe this weekend.
Ronin has decided that he doesn't need to sleep - ever. So, that means that I don't sleep. I am so tired, and I haven't really knit anything in the last couple of days because I cannot decide what to do next. I think that I am going to have to something for my BF who lives in Alaska now. Bbhhhhrrrr.... COLD! I am thinking some leg warmer type things and a scarf with a matching hat.
What is the best way to make a scarf uncurl - tonight I will find out if washing it with conditioner will help at all... Will let you know.
Oh, exciting news.... I was added to the Mile High Knitters webring today (see the link in the sidebar)! No, I don't live in Denver. I actually live in the Four Corners area of Colorado. So, I don't get to go to the get togethers they have there, but I do love reading what fellow coloradoians (?) are knitting!
More later!!!!