Friday, September 30, 2005

Sweater class from hell!!!!!!!!

Hope I don't offend anyone out there with that title, but I am not kidding! I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know, and she wanted all of to design our own pattern instead of having some simple ones to choose from. I know what you are thinking, maybe it is easier for most people to design one the first time. But, I was really looking for some guidance and help. Instead all I got was here is a drawing of a sweater - figure out your rows and stitches per inche and what kind of neck you want oh, and you will need to measure yourselves to know when to decrease for the sleeves. At this point I told her that I was making the sweater for my 17 month old son, and with that she finally looked at me and said "I don't do children." Nevermind that I told the LYS owner that I was making it for my little when I signed up. All they had to do was tell the teacher, and she could have phoned me and refunded my money. Now I still don't know where to start on the sweater, and I wasted all morning last Saturday.
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Blogger Shhhh.... said...

Sorry it was such a bummer! I keep wishing for a LYS like Threadbare (in MI I think?) around here - they always have such great classes from what I read, and Rob sounds like such a dear! And their stock? Im told I would need to save not only for my trip but for all the money i would be spending when I arrived LOL My LYS dont have any interesting classes.

Have you spoken to the store owner and told her your feelings? Perhaps she can give you a partial store credit, or money off your next class?

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