Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wow, another post - What is wrong with that?

I am sitting here drinking Irish Breakfast tea while nibbling on a hazelnut truffle. My little is taking his nap, and today is the day that I am home early because my DH has to go to work early. I feel so indulgent sipping tea and eating chocolate in the middle of the afternoon.
I really need to find a sweater pattern for My Little before Saturday morning because I have a sweater class that I am starting. I really want to be prepared, but I am having such a hard time finding a pattern that I like for My Little Boy.
I also still need to find one that my DH will love - he is SOOOO picky!


Blogger Shhhh.... said...

Hope your sweater class went well - looking fwd to hearing how it went and what pattern you picked!

10:48 AM  

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