Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Loop-d-loop scarf & my insane neighbor

So, I have decided that my neighbor is nutzoid!!! The doorbell rings shortly after I get in and there is my neighbor standing on my doorstep with a package addressed to me in his slimy little paws!!!!!! Clearly with MY name, and MY address. Clearly what was inside it was not his concern... therefore I ask you - WHY DID HE OPEN IT?
Now, that I have ranted I would also like to thank MY SECRET PAL for the wonderful yarn ( I am sure the neighbor will be asking me what it was forever - he asked twice before I slammed the door in his face...) I adore the halloween treats, and my son loved *he already ate one whole bag* the SPOOKY COOKIES.
I am half way done with the Loop-d-loop woven scarf. I am making it out of misti alpaca, and IT is incredible. I cannot wait to finish it so that I can wear it. YUM!
Did I mention that the yarn My SP sent were a perfect combination of my favorites? It is beautiful. Cannot wait to knit it up into the scarf that came with it. Oh, and I also need to mention the cutest note cards that I have ever seen. They were adorable, and my DH said that they were pretty cool - Which is high praise from him!


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Blogger Shhhh.... said...

Well THAT explains that! I Guess sig confirmation is the way to go from here on, huh? Nozy neighbor - wonder if he realizes that what he did is a federal offense - a FELONY!!

Im just glad it showed up and made it to it's intended recipient! ENJOY!

8:21 PM  

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