Monday, November 21, 2005


My secret pal has to be the greatest ever!!! I love the yarn she sent, and the knitting journal she sent is fabulous. I have never seen one like it. Even the dh was impressed. She (the handwriting makes me think girl) is awesome!!!!
I ordered some more yarn. - When I first started knitting I didn't understand how some people could amass so much yarn, and I had no idea why you might need a "stash." However, I have since filled a decent size closet with yarn - more yarn that I would need in 2 or three years, and I don't know how it happened! - The yarn that I bought is to make some Christmas/Winter presents. The reason they might not be done is they are both PoA scarves, you know the Harry Potter scarf.... So very long, and knitted in the round. Really the only thing that will even be a bit challenging is the fringe - I have never put fringe on anything, so at least that will be something new. I am really not looking forward to knitting them because it is aaallllll knitting... Not very exciting.
I had to pare down the Christmas knitting list because I just don't have the time to knit all the things that I would like to, and I really do want to finish my woven scarf. So many things to do, and it seems like so little time.


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