Sunday, December 11, 2005

What is wrong with the weather?

I am so confused... I live in Colorado, on a mountain, very near a ski resort... Where is all my snow? How am I supposed to feel Christmas-y when I have not seen a single flake of white stuff? How can I teach my little to build a snowman, or make a snow angel? I want, no need to have snow soon. I think I have reached my limit, December 10th without snow was too long!!! Now I am just cranky when I wake up and look out the bedroom window to see no beautiful white blanket covering all the dead brown crap left over from a perfectly lovely fall.... What is a girl to do? I think it might be time for a snow dance.
The loop d loop scarf just needs a couple more rows - blocking - weaving in the ends... I hope that I can get all that done tonight because I really want to wear this tomorrow... I don't know why, I am sure that by 10 am it won't even feel like winter at all. I am so disgruntled....
We have not even put up any decorrations yet- including the tree. What is wrong with us? We should at least do it for the little. Speaking of - he is getting into something. I better go see what is going on - or what he is destroying. (Did I mention that since he could crawl our secret nickname for him has been "Ronin the Destroyer?" Say it a couple of times... It really is funny.


Blogger Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

I think we got all your snow down in the springs and denver. This is the longest I've seen snow 'stick around' since we moved here! :)

7:00 AM  

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