Friday, February 03, 2006

Knitting Oympics

I am going to be in the knitting olympics that starts in just 7 days... I am so excited I could almost pee my pants! I know what I am knitting - it is the felted bag that was in IK a couple issues ago. It was from a book called alterknits. I am going to make it a bit more challenging by adding a huge honking cable or two that run right up the middle of it.
Sorry for the lack of posts, but there have been some technical difficulties here on the ole computer. One is the keyboard keeps trying to put 20 letters when you just want 1. It just won't stop.
There is an event here in Durango called Snowdown... basically just a winter carnival that has a different theme each year. This year the theme is Disco do it. (Next year has something to do with pirates) Anyway, R. (the Big Man) won the bartending competition this year. His drink is the official drink of SNOWDOWN!!!!!! I am so proud of him! I helped him come up with the name - "Grandma's Wet Peach" - a little dirty, and a little cute at the same time... I came up withe the Grandma part because it has Grand Marnier in it... Mmmmm..... Goood Drink!!!
Right now I am knitting on my so-called scarf!!! It is turning out beautifullly -


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