Monday, March 20, 2006

I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...

I really do think that I can finish the socks... Am still working on them, and they are getting almost to the done point on one sock. Then I will need to start the second. I already have plans to make more. I think knitting the heel is an amazing thing - to watch it start to form... Simply amazing.
Things have been very busy here (at work, and at home). At work the season is just starting, and there are a million things to do at any given moment. I decided to take ten minutes and write this though... At home we have been having a great time with the little, but he has periods of crankiness every day.
The knitting list has grown over the last few days (things to knit)
-finish socks
-Finish HG scarf for DH
- Sweater for the little (Christmas)
- Cabled beanie for Kelly (for May)
- Socks for dh
- Socks for the little
- Socks for Cindy (for Christmas)
- Socks for Kelly (for Christmas)
- Hat for Tim (for Christmas)
- Cabled fingerless gloves with a thumb for me!

Notice I am at least thinking ahead for the Christmas rush. I would really like to get this done by July - yeah right!!!


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